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I'm Coley, and I am on a mission to help people change their relationship to stress.

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Improve your health and wellbeing

  • Your nervous system is the boss of your stress response and dictates how you think, feel, and act.

  • The neuroscience revolution has given us new information about how to build a life that supports healthy nervous system function and interrupts chronic fight-flight survival patterns that drive many mental and physical health issues.

  • Simple skills, tools, habits, and routines can make a big impact, once you understand how the system works.

The Impact of Living in Chronic Survival Mode

Fight-flight brain states are a part of the survival mechanism of the human brain. A little bit like an app that comes installed on your phone that you cannot remove, this program is running 100% of the time, sometimes finding danger when there is none. Modern life is organized such that many of us live in survival mode, day in and day out, instead of merely visiting survival mode when there is imminent physical danger. This comes at a cost to our health.

The toll on our mental and physical health:

  • Worry, anxiety, overwhelm

  • Looping thoughts, rumination

  • Perfectionism, people pleasing

  • Low motivation, low energy

  • Mood issues

  • Poor focus, inattention

  • Stress related illness

  • Chronic injury & pain

Which patterns show up for you?

Take Vibe Cat’s Dominant Survival Patterns Quiz and learn a bit about your patterns of responding. Complete the Quiz and receive a link that will give you access to two amazing resources:

  • My free mini-course on survival patterns (info everyone should know)

  • A sneak peek into the Thrive Vibe community (where all the action happens!)

From Surviving to Thriving

Join the Thrive Vibe community and transform your life with our proven ‘Survive to Thrive’ program!

Research shows that the best way to navigate change is with other people on the same path. The Thrive Vibe community is filled with folks looking to uplevel their health, just like you.

"Coley is so warm, fun, and real. She combines real life experience, extensive training, empathy, and honesty into her work. She inspires me to build a better life for myself ♥️"


"I had never considered how much my being in constant survival mode was impacting every thing about my life- or that I could ever change that !?! …a lot of thoughts and worries that used to bother me all of the time…have just faded away. I won’t say it is easy, but it is simple and totally worth it."


Healthy Nervous System = Healthy Life

All of my programs involve two ingredients:

  1. Helping you learn the knowledge & skills to cultivate a healthy nervous system

  2. Relentlessly cheering you on while you put your new skills into action

Want a piece of that pie?  🥧 👀♥️  Join the Thrive Vibe community to start your journey to thrive today.

Change your relationship to stress

Transform your life.

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