Stress is a health crisis

  • 85% of all illness is related to the physical and mental toll of living in chronic fight-flight brain states

  • we can change our relationship to stress and spend less time in fight-flight

  • when we spend less time in fight-flight many issues resolve themselves

We need new solutions

We are building a new framework in Thrive Vibe, a private, online community for anyone ready to change their relationship to stress. Watch the video learn more.  

Want to better understand how survival patterns work?

Complete Vibe Cat’s fun Dominant Survival Patterns Quiz and learn about your own patterns of responding. As a bonus, you will receive:

  1. A special access link to my free survival patterns mini-course (full of info that everyone should know)

  2. A sneak peek into the Thrive Vibe community (where all the magic happens)

“Thrive Vibe is such a different way to approach health...who would have known that the internet would actually help me with my stress! Instead of scrolling endlessly on Instagram, I watch a video lesson and talk with other members about how to put what I learned into practice in my life. We cheer each other on, hold each other accountable, compete for prizes LOL, it’s actually really fun…I can’t wait for the full membership to start!”


Build lasting health

Change your relationship to stress

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